Accessing the source off campus

Use the git guide here.


Everything below is deprecated.


Because of heightened nbcr security, you might find yourself unable to use Tortoise SVN to access the source code, because you have a dynamic IP address. If you find yourself in this situation, this is what I’d do…

  • Log into a server that mounts be-eagles. If you don’t know of such a server, ask Fred Lionetti of Chris Airress about it.
  • From your be-eagles mounting server, download Continuity using SVN as described here

  • Export continuity. This should get rid of unneeded SVN files. (it should take < 6 minutes):

    • svn export cont_dev cont_export


  • Remove any large directories you don’t need. I’d recommend:
    • rm -rf cont_export/solutions
      rm -rf cont_export/linuxlib
      rm -rf cont_export/darwinlib


  • Tar the resulting exported Continuity directory ( < 20 seconds).

    • tar -czf cont_export.tgz cont_export/  


  • Using SSH Secure File Transer, or WinSCP, transfer cont_export.tgz to your windows machine ( < 5 minutes depending upon your internet connection)

  • Extract cont_export.tgz on your windows machine (using WinRar)

  • Follow steps 14-17 described here

  • Good luck!