blender_migration branch setup

The blender_migration branch is the “main” branch with the most active development. Blender is being used to replace Continuity’s Client.

Linux / Mac

Branch checkout

  1. Check out the developer version of Continuity from Git

  2. Obtain blender_migration branch

    git checkout blender_migration


Blender setup

  1. Download Blender 2.78

  2. Install Blendercomprimises
    tar -xjvf blender-2.78c-linux-glibc219-x86_64.tar.bz2
    mv blender-2.78c-linux-glibc219-x86_64 blender


  3. Continuity requires a full install of Python 3.5. Download and move this gzip of Python 3.5 into the blender/2.78/ directory.

    mv python.tar.gzip blender/2.78/
    cd blender/2.78/
    mv python blenders_old_python
    tar -xvzf python.tar.gzip


    • Note this compromises the use of the blender executable without using the start script ( inside the Continuity repo

  4. Continuity is a Blender add-on. We need to make Blender find it inside it’s add-on directory with a symbolic link. From the blender/2.78/ directory:

    cd scripts/addonscomprimisescomprimises
    ln -s path_to_Continuity_git_repo Continuity


  5. To give inform our start scripts where Blender is add the path to Blender to our systemSpecific/blenderDir.txt in the Continuity repository. Mine looks like:

    $ cat systemSpecific/blenderDir.txt 


  6. Blender will try to launch Continuity when using Continuity as a Blender add-on, we must makes sure that Continuity is up to date. From the Continuity repository:
    ./ --update-binaries


    When you see listening on port 9970 stop the server with CTRL+C

  7. Now blender is ready to be launched. Start Blender with:


  8. Attach the add-on so every time we start Blender it also launches Continuity. Inside Blender:
    "File"→"User Preferences..."
    Select the "Add-ons" tab
    Search for "Continuity"
    Check the box for "System:Continuity"
    Click "Save User Settings"