Notes on website

Code location

* Main interfaces code located on server at /var/www/html/interfaces_ucsd_edu/interfaces

Directory structure

interfaces_ucsd_edu/ – interfaces – interfaces2 – media – test

Directory content



  • content database which the website draws from when creating the webpage*

  • imports settings, command line utility when run*

  • django settings for interface project (sets up database, time/date, media directories, django templates, applications)*

  • table of contents for the website. modify to enable the admin


  • admissions subcategory (very similar to most of the categories eg /people, /projects)
  • imports django.contrib and interfaces.admissions.models. uses method on Admission and Contact class*
  • blank python file so Python knows that the directory should be treated as a package
  • file used for creating models (currently includes admission and contact class with text fields) –> content of the site?
  • various doctests (looks unmodified and irrelevant for the most part?)
  • handles requests for content and returns content from Admission and Contacts class
  • includes template html documents

    /includes –> footer, menu, and head.html documents actual implementation? (some of the subcategories contain backups) /media : contains layout design, icons, images, tinymce default.css : contains default settings for layout of the website desktop.ini : unsure, contains creek.jpg and sampleres.dll? /tinymce : tinymce is a WYSIWYG html/javascript editor control, folder contains sample htmls, changelog /tiny_mce : implementation files for tinymce, includes various javascript files, plugins folder


  • –> contains css files, jscripts, html files (confused as to whether the html files found in the /interfaces/<category> is being used or if it retrieves html/css/javascript from the interfaces_ucsd_edu/media.. theres even more media found in higher directories)