1D Cubic Line Fit


  • These step-by-step instructions will guide you through data fitting by using one-dimensional Hermite basis function.
  • This fitting concept is to initiate the line element and then choose the proper basis function to fit the initial element and the data.
  • An automated script that runs this tutorial is included in the Continuity installation: examples\data07\fitting1dCircle.py. To run it, click File→Scripts→Read script…

Start Continuity

Setting up the geometry

Setting up the data

Perform fit

  • Fitting→Fit Data

    • In the Cooridinates tab, select coord_1, coord_2, coord_3 for the three coordinates

    • In the Xi Projections tab, set the Ignore points with distance > field to 1.0.

    • Click the Fit button on the bottom

    • Close the window by clicking the X button
  • File→Send

  • Mesh→Calculate Mesh…

  • Mesh→Render→Elements…

    • Click the lines radio button

    • Click Render

  • View→Show Open Mesh…

    • Click on elements lines3 in the list on the left

    • Click on the Colors tab

    • Change the R,G,B color field to 1, 0, 0 to change the color to the brightest red and then hit Enter

    • The mesh should now look similar to the second screenshot

Pre-built model

This cont6 file contains all data and parameters for this problem: fit1.cont6