Ionic model example in Matlab


  • This example will guide you through running a simple ionic model (Beeler-Reuter) in Matlab

Run the model

  • Start the Matlab application
  • Download the following Matlab files into a single separate folder
  • File→Set Path…→Add Folder…
    • Navigate to the folder created in the last step, and add that path
  • In the Matlab command window, type BR_2 (elapsed time will be printed when it is finished running)

  • Create plots by typing in the following commands
    • plot(t,Vm): plots the transmembrane potential

    • plot(t,Ca_i): plots the intracellular Ca2+

    • plot(t,i_Na): plots the Na+ current

    • plot(t,i_Ca): plots the Ca2+ current

    • plot(t,i_K1): plots the K+ current

    • plot(t,i_x1): plotd another K+ current