Additional Fitting Examples

Please see the following fitting examples in your Continuity installation directory:

  • pcty/examples/data01 (A simple 2D 1 layer geometric fitting problem (prolate only))
  • pcty/examples/data02 (A simple 2D fiber fitting problem)
  • pcty/examples/data03 (A complex rabbit geometric fitting problem. Constraints are not set up properly yet.)
  • pcty/examples/data04 (A 90-element pig mesh)
  • pcty/examples/data05 (A problem to demonstrate nodal coupling for a geometric fit. Constraints are not set up proplery yet.)
  • pcty/examples/data06 (A complex geometric fit example)
    • Starts with 2D mesh
    • Performs prolate fit
    • Converts to cartesian
    • Fits x,y, and z coordinates
    • Changes to 3D problem
  • Diffusion tensor fitting files