Surface strain fitting


Get undeformed mesh

Performing Fit

  • Fitting→Fit Data

    • Coordinates tab
      • Match Coordinates 1-3 and Deformed Coordinates 1-3 up with their corresponding data columns. It should be pretty obvious what to select.
    • For the Fitting Variables tab:
      • Uncheck Coordinates 1 and Coordinates 2

    • Don’t modify the Fibers, Fields, Xi Projections, Calculate Error, and Update tabs.
    • Click the “Fit” button
    • Once the fit completes, you can close the Fit form

Calculate and Render Strains

  • Mesh→Render→Elements…

    • Click the undeformed button and Render

  • Repeat above step but render deformed elements

  • Biomechanics→Render→Strain…

    • Choose E11 from the Type pop-up menu

    • Define a range between -0.05 and 0.15

    • Click the deformed button

    • Click Render

  • The mesh should now look similar to the screenshot above (if you currently don’t see anything, try zooming out, then try zooming in)

Pre-built model

This cont6 file contains all data and parameters for this problem: fit6.cont6