Installing Continuity on the Cluster

  • Run putty
  • For your hostname, use
  • When prompted for your login use your account, such as nbcr10xx and then your password

  • Do the following:
    •   ssh
        cp ~lionetti/continuity6630.tgz ./
        tar -xzvf continuity6630.tgz
        cd continuity6630
        sh setup

Building your model on the Cluster / Running

  • Do the following:
    •    cd continuity6630
         export IFC_LIB_PATH=/opt/intel/fc/9.0/lib
         source mglinit

  • Note what port you are listening on (such as 9970)
  • Run the Continuity client in client only mode (From your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine)
  • Connect to server on the port acquired in the previous step and as the server
  • Open up your Ionic Model Form (In the Electrophysiology > Edit menu)

  • Click compile
  • Save your model file
  • Send/Calculate Mesh
  • Render Element Surface
  • Initialize/Solve
  • Render Solution