Optional Continuity Plugins

Instructions for installing and using the Compiler Toolkit

  1. Download the Compiler Toolkit to your system, the location does not matter
  2. Double-click on the Toolkit and run the automated installer. The only interaction needed during the installation is to accept a couple license agreements, otherwise the installer will install all necessary items in their appropriate locations.
  3. Please see Compiling Models for more information on configuring a compilation environment.

Instructions for installing and using the ITK plugin

    1. Download the plugin for your system
    2. Extract the contents (a single folder) into the pcty/plugins folder of your Continuity installation
    3. Start Continuity
  1. Open the Options Form: Edit→Options

  2. Go to the Plugins page and check the box for the plugin you just installed

  3. Restart Continuity
  4. In the Python shell, type
    • from plugins import myplugin

    where “myplugin” is the installed plugin

Available Plugins




Insight Toolkit (ITK)

Extensive suite of software tools for image analysis




Compiler Toolkit

Only required for versions 6734 and lower. Automates the installation of all necessary tools for the compilation of dynamic C code for models in Continuity for Windows machines. For Mac OS, please be sure to install the Xcode suite, as explained at: Compiling Models

x64 AMD (64-bit) How to find your system type


x86 (32-bit)



Setting Up Build Environment

Automates the setting of environmental variables to be able to compile in Continuity

Mac OS X



With More To Come!