Installer Comparisons

Install Shield

  • MSI
    • Support for “Prerequisites” (i.e. automatic python installation)
    • NO support for “skins”
  • InstallScripts

    • NO support for “Prerequisites” (i.e. automatic python installation)
    • Support for very customizable “skins”
  • MSI InstallScripts

    • Theoretically can do customizable “skins”, but…
      • Doesn’t seem to work with Install Shield X
    • Also allows prerequisites
    • Adds extra useless (maybe impossible to remove) pages to wizard. (i.e. Username, Company, etc.)
    • Requires both MSI and InstallScript “engine” making it more prone to bugs, and somewhat larger installers

Install Shield 12 Upgrade

  • $799.00 (for just the upgrade)
  • Numerous (very noticable) bug fixes and interface improvements
  • Fixed MSI InstallScript “skin” bug

  • Somewhat easier to use
  • Supports Windows Vista


  • $499.00
  • Seems slow
  • Easier to use than InstallShield (so far)

  • Less buggy (so far)
  • Themes MUCH easier than with InstallShield

  • Cannot install python based on registry entries! (we NEED this functionality)

Ghost Installer

  • $299
  • No luck yet

Inno Setup

  • Free/Open Source
  • Community supported icons
  • Very difficult to use. Couldn’t get it to work for our project