Miscellaneous Notes on the Continuity/CMRG website

(deprecated) We use WordPress now.

Log files

There are 2 important files that are generated automatically and copied to where the CMRG site is located, these are:

  • The file containing the number of user accounts
  • The information on the number of times Continuity has been downloaded

Currently, these files are created on rocks-86 by a nightly crontab and then auto-copied to the proper location under the CMRG site.

The scripts that handle these steps are on rocks-86 under my home/contScripts directory.

Changing Continuity minor revision number

Whenever we change from 6.x to 6.y, a few files need to be changed to account for the new minor revision number, otherwise the files will not show up on the downloads page.

  • Under the MoinMoin site directory, the file GetReleases.py is currently only is looking for files with 6.3 and 6.4 in their names, so change that to include the new revision.

  • On the server that hosts the files for downloads, we need to change a cgi script that retrieves the list of revision numbers, as it is also only currently looking for 6.3 and 6.4. The file is allRevisionNumbers.cgi, see the pcty/installationTools/SetUpRelease.py for complete path to file.

Site info

The site is a MoinMoin implementation and is located on lys. Currently the site isn’t running under Apache on lys, but be-webapps handles the requests and forwards them to a specific port on lys that’s running the MoinMoin application.

Editing MoinMoin Files

You have to restart the MoinMoin service after making any changes to the source files.