Running a biomechanics problem in serial batch mode


  • In this example we retrieve a complete dog model from the library, save it to disk, and solve the problem in serial batch mode using a script. It contains a normal biventricular dog model coupled to a closed-loop circulation. The script creates a folder dog_normal in your <Continuity>/pcty folder and will write into it nodal solutions and files with stress and strain components. You need to run your computer as an Administrator.

Start Continuity

  • Launch the Continuity 6.4 Client

Load Dog Model From Library

  • File→Library→Search…
  • Find the model named dog_normal_holzapfelmod_hillmod

  • Right click on the model and select Load

  • Select Reset (without save) then proceed; the second option.

Save the Model

  • File→Save→Save model as…
  • Go to the <Continuity>/pcty folder and save the model as dog_normal_holzapfelmod_hillmod.cont6

Obtain the Script and Execute it

  • Get the script here and save it also to the <Continuity>/pcty folder

Linux / Mac

  1. To run a job in serial on Linux or Mac, open a Terminal window and type this in the <Continuity>/pcty folder:

    • ./continuity --full --no-threads --batch


  2. If the job needs to be able to run even after you close your terminal window, type this:
    • nohup ./continuity --full --no-threads --batch > contoutput.txt &


  3. To check the progress of your job, use the command “tail -f” like this:
    • tail -f contoutput.txt

      And Ctl-C when you are done reading the output.


  1. To run a job in serial on Windows7, go to Start Menu and type cmd. Click on cmd.exe to open a command window.

  2. Then go to the <Continuity>/pcty folder and type:

    • ContinuityClient.bat --full --no-threads --batch


End of Simulation

  • This simulation will solve for a full cardiac cycle with a basic cycle length of 750 ms in 750 steps. In serial mode that will take hours, so you may want to quit the simulation prematurely. Have a look at the solution and stress and strain files that are written into <Continuity>/pcty/dog_normal.