Calculate Mesh

Select Mesh→Calculate Mesh OR click the calculator button in the toolbar to open the Calculate Mesh Form

The Calcalate Mesh Form can only be accessed if nodes and elements have already been defined.

  • For each type of calculation, you can choose to Calculate or Don’t Calculate

  • Or instead, you can choose to import previously calculated results by selecting Import from table...

    • If this option is chosen, you will be prompted to select a tabular file which has these values stored.
    • This option is especially useful when working with large meshes that will be used more than once. Calculating the mesh from scratch each time will take more time, whereas usign stored results will be almost instantaneous.
  • To see the results of the calculation, select Calculate and list to table. The results can be automatically saved when calling self.CalcMesh() from a python script by providing a file name and path as the second input argument (i.e. Calculate and list to table,’filepath/filename.txt’)