Continuity Element Form

Select Mesh→Edit→Elements… to open the Elements form

To get a good understanding of how to correctly work with the Elements Form, please see this tutorial: For a better understanding of working with these fields, see this tutorial: Define a 3D element


  • Click this button to open the Continuity Table Manager to import elements data from a file. After importing, you can manually modify the data before submitting it.

Create Label

  • This button can be used to assign a label to identify a desired set of elements.
  • Enter a label for the New Label textfield

  • Specifiy a list of elements for the Element Range textfield.

  • The label of the element shows up in the field on the right of each row in the elements list.

The Insert/Delete buttons

  • New elements may be added existing elements may be deleted and by using the + and buttons on the left of each row in the elements list.

Global Node Numbers

  • This is where to indicate the nodes that are to be associated with this element.