Continuity Node Form

Select Mesh→Edit→Nodes… to open the Node Form.

[Insert purpose of Node form]

Insert/Delete Node

  • To insert a node, select a position in the list, modify the node data, and click the Insert Node button.

  • To delete an existing node, select the node from the list and click the Delete Node button

Shift up/down

  • Use the Shift up and Shift down buttons to change the selected node’s position in the list. The order of nodes here determines the order in which the nodes will be rendered.


  • Click this button to open the Continuity Table Manager to import nodes data from a file. After importing, you can manually modify the data before submitting it.

    • After importing data, you might still need to manually select the appropriate basis functions by clicking on Select Basis Number under each variable.

Create Label

  • This button can be used to assign a label to identify a desired set of nodes.
  • Enter a label for the New Label textfield

  • Specifiy a list of nodes for the Node Range textfield.

  • The label of the node shows up in the field on the top of the form.


  • This button lets you change the node number. Click on it, and enter a new node number that doesn’t already exist.


Coordinate Options

  • Select either the Degrees or Radians radio button to choose which units to use for this problem. Note: this option has no effect when rectangular cartesian is selected as the coordinate system in the Coordinates Form.

Derivatives with respect to


Fiber Angles


Fiber Coordinates


Field Vectors


Field Vectors


Select Basis Number