Continuity Table Manager

The Table Manager is a utility that allows various types of form data to be maintained and reused easily. Data can be reused across sessions or different problems by using the save and load functionality, and it can be resued within different forms for a single problem by using the copy and paste functionality.

Importing data into forms

When importing saved data into various Continuity forms, it is important to have the column labels correctly defined. Although any properly structured tab-delimited file will load fine in the Table Manager, bad things will happen when you try to File→Close and update form with incorrect column labels.

If the data file was saved from within a Continuity form, the labels will be correctly set, and you can just load the file normally into the relevant form. But if you created the data file outside of Continuity (i.e. Matlab, Excel, etc.), then you should follow these steps to avoid troubles importing data:

  • Open the form you are working with (it doesn’t matter what is currently in the form, or even if it is empty, as we are only interested in its column labels)
  • Click the Import/Export button (or something similar to that)

  • Click File→Save… and save the file somewhere

  • Open that file you just saved with a text editor
  • Select and copy just the first line (the header with the labels) and paste it in as the first line of the data file you created
  • Now you can safely import your data file into the relevant form

Plotting the data