Refine Form

Select Mesh→Refine… to open the RefineForm


  • Specify a list of elements for the refinemnent.

New element per old element in

  • Specify how many new elements you wish to create in each old element for each of the three variables.
  • Entering 1, 1, 1 for each variable will simply compute the derivatives.

Use Custom Xi’s

  • Check this box to define your own locations for the new nodes that will be created. By default, the new nodes are created at uniform locations between the old nodes.

New nodes per element in

  • This feature is not yet implemented.

Display Intermediate node data

  • This option will bring up a Continuity Table Manager window showing internal information that the refinement algorithm uses in the process of calculating new values. Though generally not needed, this may sometimes be useful for the user.

Automatically store data in Element/Node or biomechanics initial conditions form

  • Check these boxes to have the node/element/initial condition forms automatically updated with the results of the refinement. If not checked, the results will be shown in the Continuity Table Manager, from which you can select File→Close and update form to do a manual update.

Perform nodal averaging

  • When multiple new nodes are created by refine, their derivatives are calculated by averaging the derivatives at adjoining elements.

New nodal derivatives with respect to

  • Select what method to use to compute the derivatives.