Setting up the Boundary Conditions form

  • From the Biomechanics menu, select Edit->Boundary Conditions…

  • To import the data, use the Import/Export/Graph button. This will then open up the Continuity Table Manager.

    • Modify as needed
    • Click ‘OK’
  • You can also edit and create displacement, force and pressure boundary conditions directly in the form:
    • Force and displacement boundary conditions are assigned to nodal degrees of freedom. For example a force or displacement boundary condition specified for coordinate 1 of node 1 applies a force or displacement increment respectively in the x-direction at node 1. You can also apply reactions or constraints to derivative degrees of freedom in higher-order meshes. Lists of nodes or labels representing lists of nodes can be used to make data entry easier.
    • Pressure boundary conditions are specified in the external pressure tab and are applied to inner (Xi3=0) or outer (Xi3=1) faces of elements.