Continuity Tutorials

Note: Where needed, relevant files are linked to in individual tutorials. If you wish, you can also download a bundle of all of these files from here: Each exercise also contains a pre-built cont6 model file that contains all the necessary data to be loaded for the exercise (excluding results from a solve operation). If you wish to skip the basic steps in the tutorials or compare your results, you may simply load that cont6 file in Continuity and then perform the Send, Solve, and Render operations as needed.

Mesh Module

Creating 1-, 2- and 3-Dimensional Linear Lagrange and Cubic Hermite Elements

  1. Create and Refine a 1-D Linear Lagrange Element Mesh

  2. Create and Refine a 1-D Cubic Hermite Element Mesh

  3. Create a Simple 2-D Bilinear Lagrange Mesh

  4. Understanding Cubic Hermite Basis Functions in a Simple 2-D Mesh

  5. Convert a 1-D Cubic Hermite Mesh into a 2-D Mesh

  6. Define a 3D element

Coordinate Systems

  1. Create a 1-Element 3-D Cylindrical Mesh

  2. Create a 1-Element 3-D Spherical Polar Mesh

  3. Create a 1-Element 3-D Prolate Spheroidal Mesh

  4. Converting from Curvilinear to Cartesian Coordinates

Fibers and Fields

  1. Import and Render a 3-D Mesh with Fibers

  2. Fibers and Fields exercise

Mesh Generation (Segmenting images, mesh fitting and importing into Continuity)

  1. Segmentation of cardiac images

  2. Mesh fitting with Blender

  3. Mesh construction in Continuity

  4. Mesh generation from 2D ultrasound images

Fitting Module

  1. 1D cubic line fit

  2. Left ventricular geometric fit (Simplified)

  3. Fiber angle fit

  4. Load rabbit ventricular model with fibers

  5. Rabbit and Canine Ventricular Finite Difference Grids

  6. Sick Rabbit Ventricle refined 3D Mesh fitting MRI data

Additional fitting examples

Electrophysiology Module

  1. Point Stimulus Simulations in a 2D Model of Cardiac Tissue

  2. Spiral Wave Simulations in a 2D Model of Cardiac Tissue

  3. Beeler-Reuter Action Potential Propagation in a Ring

  4. Ten Tusscher propagation on a 3072-element Biventricular mesh

  5. Action potential propagation example

  6. Electrophysiology Equation Editor Example

  7. Suggested experimentation [deprecated link]

  8. Ionic model example using Matlab

  9. Whole heart MFHN Model with fibers

  10. 2D Sheet EP Simulations for BENG 276

Biomechanics Module

  1. Calculate Strain in a 3D Block from Prescribed Displacements

  2. Passive Cube

  3. Passive Cube Refined

  4. Inflate a Cylindrical Tube

  5. Close and Inflate a Cylindrical Tube

  6. Passive Sphere

  7. Passive inflation of a prolate spheroidal left ventricular model

  8. Passive inflation of a cartesian left ventricular model

  9. Active Prolate

  10. Constitutive Model coupled with an Active Tension Model

  11. Frog Ventricular Pressure-Volume Model

  12. Structural and kinematic modeling of porcine aortic valve

  13. Dog model with dynamic and constitutive model coupled with closed loop circulation

  14. Running a biomechanics problem (Dog model) in batch mode

Model Library

  1. Introduction to the library

  2. Setting up your own library

  3. Example to Show How to Load a Model from Library/Database

  4. How to load multiple models from the library


  1. Producing High Quality Renderings in Continuity

Tutorials Exclusive to 6.3 or older versions of continuity

  1. Exclusive tutorials


  1. Tutorial Wiki template